We propose to dispel myths about slot machines that look very plausible. Try the strategies described you can in online casinos from the list https://slots-online-canada.com/review/ruby-fortune-casino/ and decide for yourself what of it is fiction and what is really justified observation.

  • It is easier to win on a “cold” slot. Observers believe that if a slot machine has not been run for a long time, it can yield more winnings. On the assurance of some players already in 2-3 spins can be formed a strong combination. In fact, the duration of play on the slot does not depend on whether it is “cold” or “hot” – combinations are formed randomly.
  • The jackpot can be won only at high stakes. This myth has been ingrained for a very long time. In fact, professionals assure that the jackpots in slot machines fall randomly, regardless of the bets. Therefore, they can catch any player.
  • Playing in automatic mode reduces the possibility of winning. Another myth. By choosing the automatic mode, you just do not waste your resources on pressing the button and can even do something else. Decides the outcome of the same generator of random numbers, which is absolutely no matter how to activate the rotation of drums.
  • The probability of winning on real machines is higher. Already proved that this is not true. Online slots work with random number generators, so winning depends only on your luck. The same thing happens on the classic machines. The only thing is that some people like the real game, and some people like virtual ones.
  • You only need to play with special techniques. In fact, you can play the way you want. You decide for yourself which schemes to trust and which you should not. You just need to remember that gambling is an interesting way to have fun that can be profitable.

The most absurd laws about casinos and gambling

It is unknown what the deputies who passed the following laws were based on. But they are no joke and exist in different countries of the world. We offer a selection of the most curious laws on casinos and slot machines.

  1. No gambling in internet cafes. In 2002, Greece passed a law that video games could not be played in Internet cafes. But in 2003 they decided to ban all electronic games. Even online games such as chess and logic games were prohibited.
  2. Betting on your spouse. In Africa, it is legalized the right to bet on their relatives, including children and spouses. A local man took advantage of this and bet his own wife on an English Premier League match.
  3. You can’t take money from a game of chance. A very interesting law is in effect in Canada. If you bet on horse racing, you can’t just take your winnings if you win. You will have to prove that your prize money is the result of skill, not luck. That’s why players go through a mathematical challenge before paying out.
  4. Become a member of an elite club and visit a casino. You can’t gamble in the UK, but not members of The Clermont Club, an elite club. Membership cards are sold right at the entrances of the gambling establishments, and they give you legal access to all the slot machines.
  5. How much money are you willing to lose? In Australia, the player must designate how much he intends to lose in a gaming session. When he exhausts his limit, access to the casino is simply blocked.
  6. Bet money and go to jail. In the U.S., a lot of curious laws on gambling. So, you can go to jail just for the fact that you bet for money in a public place. And in several states, the losing player can sue the winner for compensation.

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