Many online casinos practice issuing rewards for registration in the form of bonuses. Therefore, when choosing a platform, users pay attention to whether their initial bid will be supported by additional points. If you are offered a first deposit bonus, it means that you have more opportunities to try your hand at the game. Frank Casino bonuses allow you to start playing casino games without risk and first check your luck or a particular game and then bet on your own money. This approach allows you to protect yourself from losing money.

The amount of bonus points can vary considerably, as can the minimum deposit amount, after which additional points are credited. Please note that this type of promotion may only be available to residents of certain countries, and is not valid for citizens of other countries.

Some general concepts

  1. What is the first deposit? This is the first deposit of the game account at online casinos. Sometimes there are requirements for the minimum amount transferred to the player’s account.
  2. What is a first deposit bonus? It is a bonus that a newcomer receives for registering on the resource and starting the game.
  3. What are the bonus amounts? Each online institution sets its own bonus amounts, but usually they do not exceed 500 points. One game point is equivalent to one dollar.
  4. Restrictions on bonus usage. Sometimes even impressive bonuses will not allow you to make a big bet. Most often you need to make a lot of small bets in a large number of different games. Or the bonus can be added gradually, in parts, which also will not give the opportunity to put it immediately on the line.

Terms of use

  • The first deposit bonus can only be received once;
  • It will be credited after the deposit of the minimum amount specified in the contract with the game platform;
  • No more than 30 days should pass from the moment of registration;
  • All fields in the section “User Account” must be filled in with reliable information;
  • At least one of the following data must not coincide with the data of other accounts: IP-address, e-mail, details for withdrawal of funds;
  • Confirmation of identity may be requested – photo with a document, identification by phone number, etc;
  • As long as bonus points are used, withdrawal may be prohibited or restricted;
  • The promotion can be cancelled if the balance of the account exceeds the starting bonus;
  • Cancellation of the bonus may result in the loss of the winnings gained by using the bonus points;
  • Use the bonus on your first deposit – it means that you cannot use the points for other promotions at this time;
  • It is not possible to withdraw the bonus itself to bank accounts or electronic payment systems;
  • In case of violation of the rules of the site it is not excluded that the possibility to use the bonus promotions will be limited or cancelled.

Online casinos, poker rooms and betting clubs have similar conditions for using the bonuses. It is important to read the bonus offers carefully. If you fail to comply, please refuse, and if you agree, please comply.

Does it mean that the first deposit is only encouraged by bonuses? It’s not exactly like that. Many game platforms offer various promotions for birthdays, holidays and other events. You just have to follow the news about the promotions or subscribe to the newsletter. For example, on players are always offered nice bonuses so that they can play for their own pleasure and enjoy their favorite games. Try to learn as much as possible about the bonus system of the casino you choose to play. It will give you a chance to win some really good money.