People have already invented a huge number of methods in order to feel as confident in the game on slot machines as possible. None of the strategies can give a completely positive result. But still, people are trying to drive their fate into some commonplace strategies, and in the end they are left with nothing. The same methods are used on slot machines as in the game of poker and roulette, but none of the methods can be called ideal.

The people who read this article were most likely attracted by the headline, and they would really like to know a method of how to beat a slot machine. But, unfortunately, all players with some experience repeat that there is no method that would help one hundred percent to win on machines constantly. Only one thing can be done – to make the chances of victory higher. If someone offers an allegedly winning method of playing on slots, then you should not believe him. Such a person just wants to cash in on the naivety of other people.

The front side of the slot machines is a fun, bright and noisy game, during which the player makes various bets. In any case, the game process is addictive, and the pocket immediately becomes empty. Thus, a person loses an inconspicuous amount of money equivalent to one poker bet. This is the main idea of ​​slot machines – whether it is mechanical slot machines or electronic slots. And the profit that a gaming club will receive at the expense of this player may be spent by management on the purchase of a new batch of slots to expand its business.

It is known that in every slot machine there is a possibility of profit adjustment – the so-called Pay-Out. This means that in any case, some of the money will be remain automatic. What remains will be given to the player in the form of a win. This amount is not so small, most often it is 80-90%. This means that if a person spent a long time at the machine and spent $ 1000, then he will return 900, and the rest will get the club as a profit. You can’t even dream of a big win. In any case, it turns out that you lose more than you get. True, there are jackpot raffles, but they are held far from every day.

Of course, there are people who probably know which particular slot machine gives greater winnings than others, but these people are the owners of clubs and casinos, and they are not at all interested in disclosing such information. According to the law, they make a payback percentage of no more than 25. It is not profitable for owners to make a winning percentage on all devices, since people can leave to play in other clubs and casinos, where they win more often, and this is one way to keep players. But the machine will not give a win to absolutely any person. The machine will give exactly the amount that is put in it, it will only subtract the payback percentage. If you want to find casinos with the highest payout percentage, then it makes sense to study online casino reviews.

So, let’s talk about strategies for playing slot machines. But we can only discuss the theoretical side of this issue, since in reality they did not bring much benefit to the experimenters. But among the players there is a very widespread legend that such a strategy does exist. There are two of the most common slot machine strategies.

Martingale system

This system is very popular and is used in many gambling games. Using it, the player needs to bet higher after each loss, so that if the next bet wins, win back the lost money. The basis of this strategy is the theory of averages, which says that having lost one game, there are more chances to win the next one.

Anti-Martingale Strategy

From the name it follows that this system is completely opposite to the previous one, that is, here it is necessary to increase the bet after each win, and during the loss to leave it unchanged. This system is also called Parlay.