Pick Your Video Poker Game

All Jackpots Online Casino offers more than 50 video poker games for you to choose from. No one game is the right game for everybody. A lot depends on your personality and your style of gambling. Do you like to win a lot of good consistent moderate-sized payouts? Jacks or Better could be a good game for you. Are you willing to accept more risk in order to go for the elusive super-sized payout? Try Double Double Bonus Poker.

Two pairs, a frequently occurring hand, pays a little bit more in Jacks or Better than in Double Double Bonus Poker, while four of a kind, a more rarely occurring hand, pays out a lot more in Double Double Bonus Poker. Do you want a frequently-occurring small advantage, or a rarely-occurring big advantage? The choice is yours, but the point is to study the pay tables, understand the advantages and disadvantages of each game, and choose accordingly.

The same goes with wild card games. The advantages are obvious: a wild card can substitute for any other card to create a winning video poker combination. On the other hand, games like Bonus Deuces Wild do not pay anything for two pair. So the same video poker tip applies: study the pay tables and make an informed decision according to your own personal preferences.

Wager the Maximum Five Coins

Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus Poker, and many other online video poker games, have this in common: They pay 250-to-1 for a Royal Flush if you bet one, two, three, or four coins, but 800-to-1 if you bet five coins. That’s a huge difference.

When you win at video poker you want to win as much money as possible, and that means always wagering five coins. If you want to conserve your bankroll, you can always decrease your coin size. Five $1 coins cost no more than one $5 coin, but they pay out a lot more if you win at video poker with a Royal Flush.

Learn Video Poker Strategy

You start any video poker game with an initial deal of five cards and then you must decide which cards to hold and which to trade in. The decision will often involve making difficult choices, and that’s where video poker strategy comes into play.

Suppose you have four clubs including the Queen of clubs, and your fifth card is the Queen of Hearts. If you want to hold onto the sure thing, you will hold the pair of Queens and discard the other three clubs. If you are willing to undertake more risk, you will hold the four clubs, discard the red Queen, and hope to draw a fifth club to complete the flush. Granted, you have only a one-in-four chance of drawing a club, but on the other hand, a flush pays much more than a high pair and so could justify the risk.

Situations like this come up all the time when you play video poker online. You are always free to make your own decisions based on your own hunches and intuition, but it also pays to learn what the video poker strategy experts have to say and to follow their advice.

Try Progressive Video Poker Games

Jackpot Deuces and SupaJax are online progressive video poker games that pay out huge jackpots for certain combinations. These progressive jackpots start big and keep getting bigger every time anybody in any online casino plays the game. Even if you are a conservative gambler by nature, it is fun to at least once in a while cut loose and go for the jackpot. Winning at video poker is always fun, but winning a big video poker progressive jackpot is incredibly exciting, and it’s always possible that it could happen to you if you give it a try.

Have Fun Playing Video Poker

Video poker is a great online casino game with just the right mix of luck and strategy to make it really exciting. Have fun playing video poker at All Jackpots and remember to follow these tips to give yourself the best chance to win.